Mold Removal in Phoenix Arizona by Licensed Professionals

Mold Removal in Phoenix by Licensed Professionals

A “handy” person often likes to repair things themself. In most cases, this is not an issue. However, if the task at hand is mold removal, a professional may be a better option. Many factors determine which is the best route to take. Let’s consider two. The first is exposure. Mold exposure may cause negative health effects in certain individuals. This has been clinically proven. Having proper protective gear and knowledge of how to use it eliminates this potential hazard. The second factor and almost as equally important is cross-contamination. Truth is, physically removing mold is quite easy. However, removing it without spreading spores or creating an exposure event is a different story. Mold Removal Company Phoenix AZ

Before attempting mold removal, call a mold expert to discuss your situation. We are mold experts and would be happy to consult with you over the phone. We’ll help you determine the best steps to take to properly repair your mold damage. Our goal is to ensure you have all the information needed to make a more educated decision. Should you decide to hire us for your remediation, we’ll start with an onsite assessment and estimate.

After approving our estimate, we’ll start work right away. Typical residential mold removal projects take anywhere between 4-6 days to complete. Additionally, This time frame includes clearance sampling and lab result turnaround times. Verification by sampling is recommended for any kind of assurance or guarantee. Furthermore, this documentation is essential for renting or selling your property. Following clearance, reconstruction of your home can begin. Reconstruction times always vary, but either way we’ll do everything possible to get you back to normal a quickly as possible.

Basic Steps to Professional Mold Removal

Following are the 10 basic steps of the professional mold remediation process.

    1. Set up a containment barrier. Containment type will vary based on the extent of mold damage present.
    2. Remove any non-salvageable structural materials such as drywall. As trained professionals, we know what can and cannot be saved.
    3. Remediate remaining surfaces.
    4. Final cleaning.
    5. Containment exit.
    6. Air Scrubbing time period.
    7. Neutral activity time period.
    8. Pre clearance assessment.
    9. Post remediation verification.
    10. Reconstruction.


Call today to schedule an evaluation of your mold situation. Our mold certified experts are ready to help you navigate your concerns. Additionally, most of our mold estimates are free of charge.