Water Cleanup Company in Phoenix

Water Damage Restoration Company in Phoenix

The need for water damage restoration

Water damage restoration in Phoenix, AZ is probably a service most property owners never think they’ll need until it happens. Actually, it’s a service that most people haven’t even heard of. There’s a lot a property owner can do to prevent water damage from occurring, or, at least minimize the damages in the event it does happen.

Preventing the need for water damage restoration

One of the most effective water damage preventive measures you can take is to shut your water off while being gone on vacation. It’s also a good measure to take if no-one will be home and you’re going to be gone all day. Though it can be a pain in the neck to do, the pain it would be to come home to a house full of water because a pipe broke while you were away would be tremendously worse. These kind of scenarios happen all the time. This is why there is a huge industry for water damage restoration, even right here in Phoenix Arizona. It’s probably safe to say that every occupied structure has active plumbing. This being the case, all it takes is one pipe to break and in a couple minutes thousands of dollars in water damage will occur.

What to do when faced with water damage

When faced with a water damage situation, fast action is key. The quicker you start the clean up the better. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to call a professional water damage restoration company to assist. This is what we do best. We’ve helped hundreds of property owners in the Phoenix area with their water damage situation. We’re properly licensed, bonded and insured to provide the restoration services we offer. Our crews are knowledgeable, clean cut, and courteous and have years of water damage restoration experience.

24 hour water damage restoration services in Phoenix

We love to serve and love to lift the stressful burden water damage creates. No matter if its 2 pm in the afternoon or 2 am in the morning, our water damage experts are standing by ready to help. Our immediate response is what sets us apart from other water damage restoration companies in Phoenix. In most cases, we will be on-site ready to work in 60 minutes or less. We arrive with a powerful truck-mounted water extraction machine capable of thoroughly removing large amounts of water. Furthermore, we come with industrial grade drying equipment. This equipment is designed specifically for wet structural materials and will aid in the prevention of mold growth.

How costly is water damage restoration in Phoenix, AZ?

You’re probably thinking these services are costly, and the truth is they can be. Many factors determine the cost involved. However, one positive thing to note, is most water damage occurrences are covered by property insurance. If you’re not sure that your damage is covered, its best to contact your insurance agent. If coverage is available, we’ll work directly with your insurance company throughout the restoration process and will even bill them directly for our services.

For more information on our water damage restoration services or to schedule an assessment of any current/past damages, give us a call. We’d be delighted to help.