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Mold Remediation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Mold is a direct result of water damage. A mold problem can happen in any structure that has plumbing. It can also happen from storms that cause roof leaks and ground flooding. When water damage goes unnoticed or is not dried fast or fully, a perfect environment is created for the present spores to multiply.

There are thousands of species of mold found in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Mold spores found growing in buildings with water damage are capable of producing “mycotoxins”. These toxins can be harmful to those who are exposed to them. This is one reason why mold removal is so important. Even more so is to make sure mold is removed correctly.

There are many remediation companies who do not follow industry standards and who do not have the certifications or necessary equipment to provide proper mold removal services. We on the other hand are capable of handling remediation correctly and in a professional manor. We want you to be confident when contracting our company and assure you we have all the proper insurance and credentials to to so.

Being that mold spores are microscopic, mold cleanup requires a special skill set and attention to detail in order to complete a remediation project successfully. We employ certified and trained mold removal technicians who have just that. These technicians can help you with any mold problem you may have.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tens of thousands of different mold species exist on the planet. But it’s when it starts growing in your home that it becomes a real problem. Mold is susceptible to growing in areas of the home that are damp and/or humid. These include basement crawlspaces, under sinks, in showers and in wall cavities with leaky pipes.

Mold’s Impact on Your Phoenix Property and Health

Mold growth can impact your home in various ways. For starters, it can make it more difficult to sell and lower its value. But perhaps more importantly, it can create an unhealthy living environment. That’s because mold growth is linked to a variety of health issues, such as headaches, respiratory issues, persistent cough and cold symptoms, asthma attacks, skin irritation and allergies. It’s why if you suspect mold growth in your home, the best course of action is to call a professional to take care of the situation immediately.

Who’s most at risk in Phoenix to getting ill from mold exposure?

Those at particular risk of falling ill to mold’s effects are the elderly, the very young, and people who suffer from asthma related conditions. As such, to recognize and understand the first warning signs of mold are one of the best indicators that something is seriously amiss with your home. In general, look out for the following physical conditions as they may well indicate the presence of mold in your home.

Conjunctivitis and Skin Rashes Caused by Mold Exposure

When the body comes into contact with mold spores, an allergic reaction triggers the body’s immune system to release histamines which affects the eyes, and generally presents as itchy, watery, red, and irritated eyes. Others might notice rashes that begin as red, itchy, and flaky patches of skin, but if left untreated can develop into more severe bumps, blisters, or boils.

Infections and Muscle Fatigue From Mold Exposure

More serious conditions can develop the longer mold is present in the house. Inhaled spores can cause considerable damage to the lungs causing clots, bleeding, and infection for those suffering from asthma or autoimmunity deficiency diseases like HIV or cancer.

Your body’s efforts to fight the mold spores can lead the body to feel cramped up and achy. In addition to these uncomfortable symptoms, sufferers might also experience flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fever, and nausea. If your body is trying to tell you something, it might be trying to tell you that you have an unseen mold problem, and you need to call in professionals to take a comprehensive look around.

With the exception of that whole penicillin thing, mold really hasn’t done anything for us lately. In fact, to all outward appearances it has been doing little more than leaving your bathroom with that less than fresh smelling odor, and destroying the occasional loaf of forgotten bread in the back of the cupboard.

Far more insidious however, mold might be eating away at your home’s foundation and poses serious risks your family’s health. Mold abatement and removal are critical steps you need to take if you begin to notice an abnormal amount of mold buildup.

Here’s the basics of how a we will handle your mold problem:

  • Assessment and containment: After the scope of the remediation is determined, the affected area of your home will be contained. This prevents the spread of mold spores to other areas of your home during the remediation process. There are three types of containments that can be used. The first is called source containment. This type of containment is typically used when there is less than 10 square feet of contaminated material. One way source containment can be achieved is by using a HEPA vacuum and/or an air scrubber.
  • Structural Material Removal and Treatment: The best way to ensure that a mold problem is handled properly is to remove porous materials that are impacted. While non-porous materials can be cleaned and disinfected with appropriate antimicrobial products, porous materials – such as drywall – must be removed. This is in accordance to industry standards.
  • Verification and Moisture Elimination:After verifying that all mold has been removed, a remediation professional will also go over steps with you to ensure that the issue doesn’t happen again. It was moisture that caused the issue in the first place, so if the root of the problem isn’t solved, mold will continue to be an issue in the home.
  • Structural Repair: Following clearance testing by a certified mold testing company, reconstruction may commence on any materials of the home that needed to be removed.


As we already noted, the best way to secure your health, your home’s value and minimize the spread of mold, is to have it removed as quickly as possible.

So, if you smell any musty odors or suspect any water damage in your home, call us today for a mold inspection and remediation quote if needed.