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Mold Removal Chandler, AZ

Mold is a direct result of water damage. A mold problem can happen in any property that has plumbing. It’s probably safe to assume that the majority of properties in Chandler have plumbing. This means that any property in the Chandler is a potential candidate for a mold problem. Mold growth can also stem from storms that cause roof leaks and ground flooding.

Furthermore, mold is a natural part of the environment so when water damage goes unnoticed, or is not dried quickly or thoroughly enough, a perfect environment is created for the present spores to multiply.

There are thousands of species of mold. Many spores found in buildings with water damage are capable of producing mycotoxins. One particular mold type that is most famous for this is stachybotrys, or as most people refer to it as – BLACK MOLD. These toxins can be harmful to those who are exposed to them. This is why mold removal is so important.

It is also important to make sure the mold is removed correctly. Whether it is black mold or not, any elevated microbial growth inside of an occupied structure should be remediated the same. There are many remediation companies who do not follow industry standards and who do not have the certifications or necessary equipment to provide proper mold removal services. We are capable of handling remediation correctly and in a professional manor. We want you to be confident when contracting our company which is why we have the proper insurance, licensing, equipment, and experience to handle any mold project.

Because mold spores are microscopic, mold cleanup requires a special skill set and attention to detail. Arizona Disaster Service’s technicians are certified and trained mold removal experts. They have the skill and experience needed to help you with any mold problem you may have, including black mold removal.

Basic Steps to Removing Mold Correctly

There are 4 basic steps to proper mold removal. The basic steps are as follows:

1. Identify the source of the excess moisture or water intrusion. Mold requires moisture to survive so whenever there is a mold problem there is or was a water source supplying it. The source should be fixed if there isn’t a risk of spreading contaminates.

2. Separate the contaminates (or work space) from the “clean” areas of the property by the proper containment method recommended by industry standards.

There are three types of containments that can be used. The first is called a source containment. This type of containment is typically used when there is less than 10 square feet of contaminated material. Source containment can be achieved by using a HEPA vacuum and/or an air scrubber. The second type of containment used in mold remediation is called a local containment. A local containment is recommended for areas contaminated with 10-100 square feet of mold. This method is achieved by erecting barriers using plastic sheeting and tension poles. Local containments are usually placed under a negative pressure with the use of a negative air machine often referred to as an air scrubber.

The third type of containment used during mold removal services is a full containment. A full containment is for situations with over 100 square feet of mold contaminated materials. This containment is more elaborate and uses plastic barriers, negative air pressure, and what are called decontamination chambers.

3. Removing the contaminated materials deemed not salvageable. This process is done in a controlled manor to mitigate the spread of spores and dust within the work space. The certified mold technicians will follow industry standards when removing the contaminants. the goal of a successful remediation is to return the contaminated environment to a normal fungal ecology.

The success of any remediation should be evaluated / verified by a third party environmental / mold testing company.

4. Reconstruction. After the remediation has been verified as a success by a qualified mold testing company, the reconstruction of the materials removed can begin.

Black mold or not… The process is still the same

There is no room for error when repairing mold damage in a home or business. Whether it is black mold, brown mold, or green mold the process is the same. Following are 4 basic signs you can look for to determine if you have a possible mold problem.

1. An earthy or musty / moldy odor

2. Abnormal allergy like symptoms

3. Knowledge of a past or active leak that wasn’t dried properly

4. Visual signs of water damage such as: staining, swelling, buckling, bubbling, rusting, wood rot, etc.

5. Actual visual microbial (mold) growth

Whatever your water damage or concerns about mold may be, our company can help. We have the most reputable mold removal services Chandler has to offer. Don’t put your health at risk. Call us to come out and give you a quote for mold remediation today.

Mold Removal Company in Phoenix, AZ – Phoenix Mold Inspector

Mold Remediation Services in Phoenix, AZ

Mold is a direct result of water damage. A mold problem can happen in any structure that has plumbing. It can also happen from storms that cause roof leaks and ground flooding. When water damage goes unnoticed or is not dried fast or fully, a perfect environment is created for the present spores to multiply.

There are thousands of species of mold found in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Mold spores found growing in buildings with water damage are capable of producing “mycotoxins”. These toxins can be harmful to those who are exposed to them. This is one reason why mold removal is so important. Even more so is to make sure mold is removed correctly.

There are many remediation companies who do not follow industry standards and who do not have the certifications or necessary equipment to provide proper mold removal services. We on the other hand are capable of handling remediation correctly and in a professional manor. We want you to be confident when contracting our company and assure you we have all the proper insurance and credentials to to so.

Being that mold spores are microscopic, mold cleanup requires a special skill set and attention to detail in order to complete a remediation project successfully. We employ certified and trained mold removal technicians who have just that. These technicians can help you with any mold problem you may have.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tens of thousands of different mold species exist on the planet. But it’s when it starts growing in your home that it becomes a real problem. Mold is susceptible to growing in areas of the home that are damp and/or humid. These include basement crawlspaces, under sinks, in showers and in wall cavities with leaky pipes.

Mold’s Impact on Your Phoenix Property and Health

Mold growth can impact your home in various ways. For starters, it can make it more difficult to sell and lower its value. But perhaps more importantly, it can create an unhealthy living environment. That’s because mold growth is linked to a variety of health issues, such as headaches, respiratory issues, persistent cough and cold symptoms, asthma attacks, skin irritation and allergies. It’s why if you suspect mold growth in your home, the best course of action is to call a professional to take care of the situation immediately.

Who’s most at risk in Phoenix to getting ill from mold exposure?

Those at particular risk of falling ill to mold’s effects are the elderly, the very young, and people who suffer from asthma related conditions. As such, to recognize and understand the first warning signs of mold are one of the best indicators that something is seriously amiss with your home. In general, look out for the following physical conditions as they may well indicate the presence of mold in your home.

Conjunctivitis and Skin Rashes Caused by Mold Exposure

When the body comes into contact with mold spores, an allergic reaction triggers the body’s immune system to release histamines which affects the eyes, and generally presents as itchy, watery, red, and irritated eyes. Others might notice rashes that begin as red, itchy, and flaky patches of skin, but if left untreated can develop into more severe bumps, blisters, or boils.

Infections and Muscle Fatigue From Mold Exposure

More serious conditions can develop the longer mold is present in the house. Inhaled spores can cause considerable damage to the lungs causing clots, bleeding, and infection for those suffering from asthma or autoimmunity deficiency diseases like HIV or cancer.

Your body’s efforts to fight the mold spores can lead the body to feel cramped up and achy. In addition to these uncomfortable symptoms, sufferers might also experience flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fever, and nausea. If your body is trying to tell you something, it might be trying to tell you that you have an unseen mold problem, and you need to call in professionals to take a comprehensive look around.

With the exception of that whole penicillin thing, mold really hasn’t done anything for us lately. In fact, to all outward appearances it has been doing little more than leaving your bathroom with that less than fresh smelling odor, and destroying the occasional loaf of forgotten bread in the back of the cupboard.

Far more insidious however, mold might be eating away at your home’s foundation and poses serious risks your family’s health. Mold abatement and removal are critical steps you need to take if you begin to notice an abnormal amount of mold buildup.

Here’s the basics of how a we will handle your mold problem:

  • Assessment and containment: After the scope of the remediation is determined, the affected area of your home will be contained. This prevents the spread of mold spores to other areas of your home during the remediation process. There are three types of containments that can be used. The first is called source containment. This type of containment is typically used when there is less than 10 square feet of contaminated material. One way source containment can be achieved is by using a HEPA vacuum and/or an air scrubber.
  • Structural Material Removal and Treatment: The best way to ensure that a mold problem is handled properly is to remove porous materials that are impacted. While non-porous materials can be cleaned and disinfected with appropriate antimicrobial products, porous materials – such as drywall – must be removed. This is in accordance to industry standards.
  • Verification and Moisture Elimination:After verifying that all mold has been removed, a remediation professional will also go over steps with you to ensure that the issue doesn’t happen again. It was moisture that caused the issue in the first place, so if the root of the problem isn’t solved, mold will continue to be an issue in the home.
  • Structural Repair: Following clearance testing by a certified mold testing company, reconstruction may commence on any materials of the home that needed to be removed.


As we already noted, the best way to secure your health, your home’s value and minimize the spread of mold, is to have it removed as quickly as possible.

So, if you smell any musty odors or suspect any water damage in your home, call us today for a mold inspection and remediation quote if needed.

Water Damage Restoration Company Gilbert, AZ – 24 Hour Service

Water Damage Restoration Gilbert, AZ

If you’re not in the water damage restoration business it’ll be hard to know exactly what to do in a water damage situation. Most water damage requires the IMMEDIATE attention of a professional water damage repair company. When repairing water damage it is important to have all the skills and equipment needed to get the job done right AND to get the job done quickly. Mold can begin germinating within 48 hours of water intrusion, so it is critical to start the drying process immediately.

Our emergency water restoration team will respond quickly to your call and be onsite within 60 minutes or less (in most cases). We’ve been restoring water damaged properties in Gilbert for many years. We work 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.

Water Extraction Companies – 24 Hour Water Removal

If a pipe breaks inside your property it can disperse large amounts of water in just a few short moments. Most water leaks leave enough water behind to make a mop and bucket (or even a shop vac) an inadequate solution. It takes high powered extraction machines along with specialty tools to remove excess moisture from flooring materials such as carpet and carpet padding. 

ADS water removal technicians who service Gilbert, AZ are the best in the industry and have the extraction equipment needed to remove any amount of water from a property. Flooded basements often require the need to pump out thousands of gallons of water. Extraction machines such as submersible pumps and trash pumps are used to remove water from these types of flooded homes. No matter what the situation calls for, you can count on Arizona Disaster Services to be there when you need us most.

Preventing Water Damage

Water damage happens at any time and to anyone. Water damage in Gilbert, AZ occurs in both commercial buildings and residential structures. Water damage never sleeps. Water leaks are on their own schedule. This is why having a water damage restoration crew available at a moments notice is so important. It’s also important to know how to prevent these damages from happening.

There are many things a property owner can do to minimize the chances of experiencing water damage. On the other hand, water damage caused by Mother Nature might not be so easy to prevent. Being informed and prepared for both is the key. We can provide you with tips and information on how to prepare for the worst. Your insurance company can also provide you with valuable information on water damage and how to maintain your property to prevent such a loss.

Water Damage Claim in Gilbert, NV

If your flood damage is extensive enough to require an insurance claim to cover the damages, We are able to help you through the entire claims process. We will work closely with your insurance adjuster and bill the insurance company direct for the water cleanup services we provide.

Water damage cleanup is what we do and do best. If you’re in need of water removal and restoration services call now. Emergency water damage repair crews are standing by ready to help!

Water Damage Restoration Company in Scottsdale AZ – 24 Hour Service

Water Damage Restoration Services in Scottsdale AZ – Stop Water Damage by Calling Now!

If you live in Scottsdale, AZ and have a property damaged by water, don’t wait to get help. Whether your water damage is due to a leaking water heater, faulty appliance, or heavy rain from a monsoon storm, our water damage restoration crews can help you with your water loss.

When dealing with water damage, minutes make a difference and time is never on your side. Water removal needs to be done as quickly as possible. You can avoid costly repairs, additional damage and loss by picking up the phone and calling one of the featured water damage repair companies on our site right now.

If addressed immediately, your water damage can be cleaned up and restored with minimal loss. Don’t wait for the worse to happen! Stop your water damage now by calling one the top water damage repair company Scottsdale AZ has to offer.

Did your leak happen in the middle of the night? No problem! A 24 hour water cleanup crew is available to respond in your area.

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Company in Scottsdale, AZ

Water damage can happen to anyone at anytime and is something most property owners are not prepared for. If you or someone you know has been on the receiving end of water damage you probably know just how stressful that situation can be to handle on your own. Fortunately you don’t have to clean up the mess by yourself! Arizona Disaster Services employs the top Property Damage Restoration Techs in the State of Arizona. They know how disruptive and stressful an experience like a flooded house can be and can have your water damage restored to a pre-loss condition in no time at all.

The sooner you call, the faster a professional flood cleanup crew can be on-site ready to help. 24 hour water removal is available to all of Arizona. If the flooding is not mitigated in a timely manner, it doesn’t take long for full saturation to set in. We understand how critical time is when dealing with water removal. That’s why the quick response time will usually have a certified technician at your door within 60 minutes of your initial call. Once our water removal team arrives, they quickly work to contain the water damage and secure any contents and furniture in the process.

If you decide to file an insurance claim, we will help walk you through the water restoration process as well as bill your insurance company direct for the services we provide.

Flood Damage Restoration & Flood Cleanup Companies in Scottsdale

It takes so little time for water to do so much damage. Taking into consideration that most structural materials are porous should quickly change the “mop and bucket” mentality. A pipe break that deposits massive amounts of water inside a building is also referred to as flooding or flood damage. Getting professional help as soon as possible is imperative to a successful water damage restoration outcome.

Because water is so invasive, it will saturate the porous materials it comes in contact with. If you live in Scottsdale and need help with water extraction, pick up the phone and call now.

Water cleanup can have some very devastating consequences if not repaired quickly and properly. Mold begins to grow in within 24 hours and will wreak havoc on your home or business. Mold can also cause health problems. Mold removal services can be avoided with quick action. We have all equipment, experience, license and insurance requirements necessary to provide restoration services in Scottsdale, so rest assured we have you covered.

Water Damage Restoration Chandler AZ – 24 Hour Service

Water Damage Restoration Chandler, AZ

It can happen to anyone. Some people go away for the weekend and come home to a flooded basement or a kitchen full of water. Now, what? When you are facing such a disaster, you may be overwhelmed with the enormity of the damage. However, there is help out there. Arizona Disaster Services water cleanup and restoration team, is ready to restore your Chandler property 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.

Water damage lurks inside any structure with water supply lines. These water lines can supply toilet tanks, sinks, tubs, showers, ice makers, etc. Water damage can even come in the form of flooding. Flooding is water that comes from the outside ground surface into your property. You can also have water damage from your sewer system backing up into your home. It doesn’t end there. Storms with heavy wind and rain can also cause water damage inside of a property.

With all of the possible scenarios that can cause water damage, one would assume that a property owner is ready for the unexpected. Well, that is typically not the case. Most property owners only experience water damage once in their lifetime and will have never had any experience with such damages before it happens. This is why the water restoration industry is a thriving field. Our Water Damage Restoration Company is here to take the stress and burden off of home and business owners in Chandler who are dealing with a water leak or flooding in their property.

Water Damage Repair Companies in Chandler, AZ

Many home or business owners try to handle water cleanup themselves. Without the proper skills or equipment, cleanup will be both time-consuming and frustrating. It may also end up costing you more in the long run if you try repair it yourself rather than hiring a professional.

When you call a professional to assist you with water removal and restoration, the burden becomes lighter. We have specialized equipment that will remove the water from your home or business quickly and thoroughly. We can handle all types of water issues, from small leaks caused by plumbing or rain, to larger issues such as hurricane damage or other types of natural flooding.

Arizona Disaster Services is a reputable source for emergency water damage repair. You can be sure that the job will be done right and in a timely manner. This leaves you free to continue with your day to day business.

24 HOUR Water Damage Repair Services in Chandler, AZ

When you have a water damage emergency, it is important to contact a professional immediately. Our restoration crews understand the urgency a water damage situation creates. this is why we have flood cleanup crews on call 24 HOURS a day. All you have to do is pick up the phone an call. Response time is IMMEDIATE and in most cases on-site arrival is 60 minutes or less. Thousands of dollars can be saved by having a moisture mitigation team on site immediately.

Water Damage Repairs and Filling a Claim in Chandler, AZ

We offer very competitive pricing. However, every job is different, and the cost of the cleanup and repair will vary based on several factors. These include the amount of water, the extent of the damage, the size of your house and other issues. The best way to get a cost for your repair and restoration is to call and let a technician come out and assess the job. We then will be able to provide you with the most accurate cost estimate possible.

The cost of water cleanup and removal can be pricey, and many victims of water damage worry about how they will pay to get their home or business restored to its condition before the leak or flood. Water damage is one of the most filed homeowner claims. The average cost of a water damage repair service is $2500. This cost is typically just for the drying services. There are usually reconstruction costs after the drying is done.

If you have a homeowner’s, renter’s or business insurance policy, most insurers will cover the cost of water damage repair. This takes the burden of paying for the services you need off of your shoulders. You simply call us and set up a time for us to come out and take care of the water issues. Then file the insurance claim with your insurer so they will cover the cost. Nothing could be easier.

With the help of a water damage restoration professional, your home can be returned to its former beauty, and any signs of water damage will be gone. Contact our company today and we’ll help you overcome your water damage restoration issues so you can move on with your life.

24 hour Water Damage Repair Services in Glendale AZ

Water Damage Repair Glendale, AZ

Water damage repair is typically not something people think about until they experience it first hand. If you came home from work or vacation to a house full of water would you know what to do? Would you know how much water damage there was? Would you be able to identify and eliminate all of the safety hazards that may be present as a part of the water damage? Would you know how to remove the excess moisture? Would you have the water removal tools needed to get enough water out of carpet and pad? Would you have the right equipment to dry the structure? If you had a hardwood floor that was wet as a result of the flooding, would you know how to get it dry to avoid having to remove and replace it?

There are so many factors to consider when dealing with flooding and cleaning up water damage in order to deal with it in the right way. If water damage is not dealt with right the first time, secondary damage can occur. Mold is a type of secondary damage.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Glendale, AZ

Having a professional water cleanup company out to your damage immediately is a good idea. We have all of the tools and experience needed in order to assess the damage accurately. By accurately assessing the damage, a water restoration professional will know exactly what is needed to repair the water damage and return your property to a pre-loss condition. Fast action on the part of a property owner is most critical. Likewise, our water restoration company understands the urgency and keep a team of experts available for you 24 hours a day.

Dealing with water damage doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Our water damage restoration techs are ready to help in your moment of need. On call 24 hours a day, our water cleanup experts will be at your service in 60 minutes or less (in most cases).

Steps to Proper Water Damage Repair

Water damage is something most property owners will experience at least once. Some problems are bigger than others but one thing that all water leaks have in common are that they all have the potential to create secondary damage such as mold growth. Secondary damage is the result of improper drying or from a failure to mitigate quickly enough.

There are a few key steps to take to ensure that secondary damage doesn’t happen.

  1. Fast action and response to the loss
  2. Identify and eliminate safety hazards and concerns
  3. Remove standing water from hard surfaces and extract water from flooring materials such as carpet, carpet padding, and wood floors
  4. Secure contents, furniture, and other moisture sensitive items
  5. Inspect structural materials for moisture content and develop a drying plan consistent with industry standards
  6. Set up drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers
  7. Monitor the drying progress and make adjustments to the drying environment as needed
  8. Confirm that all affected materials have been returned to their dry standard
  9. Document the entire process

Residential and Commercial Water Cleanup Service Glendale, AZ

Most leaks that occur in a residential home or business require more than a mop and bucket to clean it up. Water damage from plumbing failures will leave behind hidden pockets of water. With our equipment we will locate these areas. We have all the experience and manpower needed to handle any water cleanup situation. That is one reason why it would be a benefit to contact us. Inspections are free of charge. Call us today to find out the extent of your damage.

Remember, leaks are on their own clock. When a pipe breaks, it’s comforting to know that there’s help on call 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. No matter when your leak occurs, our certified experts will be at your service ready to start the mitigation and restoration process in a moments notice.

24 hour Water Damage Repair Company in Mesa AZ

Water Damage Restoration in Mesa, AZ

According to statistics, the number of houses in Mesa, AZ damaged and made completely unlivable due to mold is on the rise. It is estimated that even a minor mold removal process can cost upwards of $5,000. A small mold problem is stressful and can cause health problems for the occupants of the property. Small mold problems can quickly escalate into a large mold problem if water is permitted to dwell. If left unfixed, these issues can lead to major structural damage. Call us for a free estimate and to find out how we can help make sure your home doesn’t become just another mold statistic.

Is Water Damage Restoration DIY?

Some Mesa property owners see water damage in their home and attempt to handle the problem themselves. If you’re dealing with a small leak and catch it immediately, it is possible to do the job on your own.

However, if you lack the proper drying equipment and moisture monitoring tools along with the knowledge of how to properly dry a wet structure, you may find yourself in a bigger hole than when you first started. Furthermore, many water damage issues start within floors, ceilings and walls. By the time you notice the damage, it’s long past the point of being able handle the water damage repair on your own. This is where the help of a professional water cleanup company is most valuable.

Cost of a Water Cleanup Company in Mesa, AZ

You may be wondering why you should pay a professional water damage restoration company to handle the clean up and repair after a water leak. These services can be expensive, depending upon the extent of the damage. The good news is, your insurance coverage (assuming you have it) will usually pay for these cleaning and restorative services, but in few cases, you may be covering the cost on your own. No matter the case, when all is said and done, most property owners find themselves saying that hiring a water damage repair company was well worth any expense associated with their work.

Flood Damage Restoration in Mesa, AZ

A flood restoration team will relieve the burden of water clean up from your shoulders. Actual flooding (like rising rain water from a Monsoon storm) and the subsequent damage it causes is very stressful. Some home flood situations will be large enough to where you’ll need alternate living arrangements during the flood restoration process.

Some insurance policies will have coverage for additional living expenses created by the flood damage claim. You can contact your insurance agent or check with your claims adjuster to find out if you have such coverage. There will be much paperwork to file with your insurance company, and many phone calls to be made throughout the restoration of your home or business.

This can take many hours of your time. If you attempt to handle the flood clean up on your own, this is another burden to deal with that you don’t need. Hiring a team of professionals to help you will reduce the burden of stress and the amount of time you’ll spend handling the project on your own.

24 Hour Water Cleanup in Mesa, AZ

Not only is it important for us to be experts in our craft; it’s just as critical to be available for you 24 hours a day. The restoration of your property starts with the initial call. Most flood companies offer 2-4 hour response… We on the other hand can be at your door ready to work in an hour or less of your initial call (most cases).

Once onsite the basic flow of a water cleanup project is as follows:

Once on the scene, a technician will help inspect for and eliminate any safety hazards or concerns. Next, the emergency mitigation crew will help secure your furniture and other important moisture sensitive and impacted contents. While this is taking place, water extraction is typically being done also. Following water extraction, a full moisture assessment will be conducted to determine exactly what equipment and procedures will be required to dry your structure. It will then take approximately 2-5 days to completely dry your flood damage. Reconstruction, if any, will promptly follow the completion of drying.

24 Hour Water Extraction in Mesa, AZ

Water extraction is a process of removing any standing or puddled water from flooring materials such as carpet and carpet padding. Water removal is generally done with powerful truck mounted vacuums capable of removing large amounts of water quickly. The water being extracted is sucked up with special extraction wands and taken outside the property through hoses and stored in a water tank on the company’s truck. Where hoses cannot reach, we have portable water extraction machines that work just as well. A proper extraction is one of the most important steps in the water restoration process.

After the extraction is complete, our water damage technicians will take special moisture inspection tools and “moisture map” your property identifying exactly what is wet and how wet it is. Once this information is known and documented, the technician will develop a plan of action tailored to your situation to get things dry and back to a pre-flooded condition. This plan of action may involve setting up air movers and dehumidifiers to create an environment which will increase the rate of evaporation and promote fast drying.

Call a Certified Mesa Water Restoration Company Today

If you are dealing with flood damage due to plumbing leaks or other water issues, our Company can help. Give us a call today and let us assess the damage to your home. We will make suggestions based upon your specific situation. Upon approval we will start immediately, do the work correctly, and get you back in your home as quickly as possible.

24 hour Water Damage Repair Service – Queen Creek AZ

Water Damage in Queen Creek, AZ

Flooded basements, overflowing sump pumps, busted pipes – no matter what the cause of that unwanted water is in your home, it’s never fun to wake up or come home to a flooded mess. While you may be asking yourself, “Why me?” it should be noted that water damage in the home isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, water damage is about eight times more likely to impact a home than any other type of catastrophe.

So while you might be in a panic about the extent of your water damage, it’s important to know two things.

  1. You’re hardly the first person to experience unwanted water inside the home – it’s actually quite common.
  2. Water damage restoration has advanced to the point where your home can be quickly and effectively restored to a pre-loss condition thanks to a slew of technologies and techniques that have been developed.

24 Hour Water Removal Services for Queen Creek, AZ Property Owners

Perhaps the most important thing to know about water damage repair is that it’s crucial to have a professional on-site as soon as possible. Long-standing water can create structural issues inside the home that can lead to a whole new headache. What’s more is that standing water can also lead to mold growth and health issues, depending on the category of the loss. For example, water losses are broken down into three categories. A Category 1 water loss consists of clean water, where Category 2 (gray water) and Category 3 (black water) losses contain more hazardous microorganisms and potential health issues for homeowners. No matter what your category, it’s important to have a professional water restoration company on site as soon as possible, which is why we are available 24/7.

Water Damage Restoration Company Serving Queen Creek, CO

Many people who experience a water loss are also under the impression that the carpeting, flooring and items damaged by the water must be discarded. While this may be true for some Category 2 and 3 water losses, in most water loss situations, the carpet, carpet padding and all contents involved in the situation – from electronics to clothing – can be salvaged. In fact, technology has advanced in the water damage repair industry to a point where the carpet and carpet padding don’t even need to be removed in order to be dried, as extraction and drying equipment are able to get the job done while the carpet is in place. As far as contents, this is another area where technology has advanced. A restoration professional will complete a pack out while on scene, sorting water logged items that need to be taken back to their facilities and dried. Everything from clothing, to hard items, to electronics, to art and documents are able to be successfully restored and at a high success rate.

Fast Water Damage Repair in Queen Creek, AZ

What’s more is that most water damage jobs have a turnaround time of just a few days, so you can get back to your lives.

So while it might feel like the end of the world when there’s standing water in your basement or in a wall cavity, water damage is a common issue that most homeowners face throughout their lifetimes. The best course of action is promptly calling a us out to diagnose and formulate a drying plan for your situation. Our water damage restoration professionals will use IR cameras to see exactly how extensive the water loss is and monitor the drying plan that’s implemented with moisture meters so your home can be back in order as fast as possible and you won’t have to worry about mold growth or secondary effects of water damage.

For more information on water damage restoration services in Queen Creek Arizona, call our experts today.

24 hour Water Extraction, Water Damage Cleanup and Repair – Gilbert AZ

Water Damage Repair – Gilbert, AZ

Some of the TOP Certified technicians, for water damage repair, Gilbert has to offer can be found right here within our company. Our water damage restoration services give Gilbert property owners piece of mind when faced with such a disaster. Emergency 24 hour water removal services are available 7 days a week. Water cleanup can be a hard job to attempt on your own, especially without proper drying equipment and moisture metering tools. By not drying wet building materials correctly, your property will be at a high risk for bacteria and mold growth. If this is to be avoided, knowing HOW to dry a water damaged property is a must.. We have exactly what it takes to help you get back on track and fast.

Response time is an important part of the water restoration process. The faster a property restoration company can start the water removal, the better chance you’ll have in preventing extra damages. Most of the property restoration companies in the Gilbert area have a response time of 2 hours. Not us! We’’re typically on-site within 60 minutes or less. Even if you find yourself with a house full of water at 2am on Christmas Eve, we’ll have someone standing by ready to help you. In a city as big as Gilbert, it’s sometimes hard to find a reputable contractor. We will go the extra mile to ensure you that our company meets or exceeds all your expectations so you can move forward with confidence.

Water Damage… A Common Occurrence

Water damage comes in many different shapes and sizes. Most often than not it comes in the form of internal plumbing mishaps. Other times, it comes from mother nature. When water from rising rivers, streams, or oceans invade your property it is considered actual “flood damage”. This type of water damage is called a category 3 water loss. Most insurance companies require additional coverage for these types of situations.

If you own a property in Gilbert, AZ and are not sure if you have sufficient coverage you should call your insurance agent before disaster strikes. Floods are next to impossible to prevent, but flood damage on the other hand can be in some cases. Check with your local government for a list of flood zones in your area. You can also visit for tips on how to prepare for a flood. If excess irrigation makes it’s way into your home this is considered “flood damage”. Likewise, if a monsoon rips through Gilbert and drops 3 inches of rain which fills up your basement… this too is “flood damage”.

When faced with flood waters it is important to know what you are dealing with. Our flood cleanup crews servicing the Gilbert area are experts in flood restoration. Cleaning up the devastation left behind after flood waters recede is quite the undertaking. This is why one should consider contracting a professional flood damage restoration company to help.

Signs of Water Damage

There are many signs of water damage. Following is a short list of things to look for:

  • Water Stains
  • Swelling in wood materials
  • Paint bubbles or sagging paint
  • Rusting on carpet
  • Furniture stains
  • Wet carpet
  • Sagging ceiling
  • Musty odor
  • Damp or muggy environment

Water damage occurs more than you think. Water leaks from a new or old pipe happens all the time, causing the need to call a licensed and certified water removal restoration company. Did you know, a *1/8-inch crack in a pipe can release up to 250 gallons of water per day. Now imagine if you were asleep or at work or even on vacation! It’s always imperative to properly dry structural materials in a timely manner because water damage can set in quickly. If not addressed right away, mold growth may occur which in turn requires mold remediation and property restoration. Not only can water damage happen through new or old broken pipes, but through rising rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.

These water damage situations usually need extensive repairs and restoration. No matter the size of the leak or natural disaster, Our licensed, insured and certified water damage company is ready to respond anywhere in Gilbert, AZ and is available 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.


24 Hour Water Cleanup Services

The first most important step in a water damage restoration process is water removal. Removing or extracting water from saturated flooring materials, such as carpet and carpet padding immediately, will speed up the drying process and decrease the risk of mold contamination. Preceding the water extraction, special equipment like thermal imaging cameras, is used to determine how much moisture content is left in the wet structure. The results will allow a water removal company to estimate the drying standard for each affected material. The goal to water damage restoration is to efficiently dry the wet materials until the dry standard is reached. Again, moisture detection equipment is used to make sure complete dryness is achieved.

We understand the necessity in responding quickly to a stressful situation and will be able to educate you in the water removal process and restore your home back to its pre water loss condition. It’s always to good know who to call when confronted with an unknown situation, like having to cleanup water after a flood. We assure you our water cleanup service crews have the proper knowledge, experience and equipment and are just a phone call away.

Emergency 24 Hour Water Damage Repair Company in Phoenix, AZ

Water Damage Restoration Company in Phoenix, AZ

Water Damage Nightmares and Your Phoenix Property

Imagine coming home after work or after a much needed vacation, to find a lake in your front yard that wasn’t part of the original landscape. While walking to the front door you’re probably thinking, “Where did all this water come from?” Hoping for the best, you open the door only to find the worst as the water rushes pass you. Standing in the doorway with soaked feet, you look into your home to see your furniture floating by what used to be the ceiling, which must have collapsed from the weight of the water. Sound like a nightmare? This nightmare is a reality for many property owners in Phoenix and all over the United States

Water damage is one of the most commonly filed insurance claims. It can happen anywhere there is plumbing and at anytime. The scenario painted above typically happens from a water supply line that bursts inside a wall cavity. It can also happen when a fitting to a toilet tank, or a dishwasher, or washing machine breaks. Plumbing failures can leak large amounts of water in just a short amount of time.

Knowing how to prevent these leaks from happening, to the best of your ability, can save you headaches and literally thousands of dollars in restoration costs. It is just as important to know who to call if the unexpected like the scenario above happens. We’ve been serving the residents and property owners of Phoenix for many years. Our restoration professionals are trained and certified to restore properties damaged by water back to their pre-loss condition.

24 HOUR Water Damage Restoration Phoenix, AZ

Response time is one of the most critical factors when a pipe breaks inside of a property. This applies to both the occupant as well as the Water Damage Restoration Company called to mitigate and restore the damages. The longer structural materials are permitted to stay wet, the less likely those materials can be restored. Mold growth is also likely to grow if structural materials are left wet.

Removing as much water as possible from flooring materials is generally the first step in the drying process. Extracting water thoroughly enough from the start will facilitate the dry times needed to prevent mold and bacteria growth. That kind of water extraction takes professional grade water removal equipment. Our water cleanup crews on standby in Phoenix have the extraction tools needed to remove any amount of water, from any type of flooring material. They also carry machines that can pump large amounts of water out of flooded basements.

After Water Extraction Further Drying is Needed

After water extraction is complete, affected materials will still be wet and will need to be dried further. We have special moisture detection tools that will let us know what is wet and how wet it is. One of best tools of the trade for this is an infra-red camera. This helps our water damage repair technicians locate hidden pockets of moisture quickly. The thermal images are also used for documenting the drying progress

By knowing what is wet our drying specialists will know exactly what needs to be dried. By knowing what needs to be dried, our structural drying expert(s) will know exactly what equipment to use. Equipment used to dry wet building materials usually consists of air movers and dehumidifiers. These machines are designed to increase the rate of evaporation. Typical time needed to dry a water damaged property is 2-4 days.

Water Damage Repair Phoenix

Most clean water losses can be dried and restored with little to no secondary damage. If the leak was from whats considered a non clean source, removal of materials are recommended. A sewer back up is a prime example of a non clean source that would require removing affected carpet, padding, baseboards, and drywall instead of drying those materials in place. Actual flooding is defined as water on the outside of the property that makes its way inside. A rising river that invades a property is an example of flood water damage. Flood cleanup is a technical task that requires the expertise of a professional and will always require removing structural materials as opposed to drying them in place.

Calling a Professional Water Damage Repair Company is Smart!

Whatever your water damage repair needs may be, our water cleanup crews servicing Phoenix, AZ have you covered. Fast action on your part and that of our Water Restoration Company will make all the difference in the world when restoring your water damaged property. If you need assistance with a water damage situation, call our restoration professionals today.