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Water Damage Nightmares and Your Phoenix Property

Imagine coming home after work or after a much needed vacation, to find a lake in your front yard that wasn’t part of the original landscape. While walking to the front door you’re probably thinking, “Where did all this water come from?” Hoping for the best, you open the door only to find the worst as the water rushes pass you. Standing in the doorway with soaked feet, you look into your home to see your furniture floating by what used to be the ceiling, which must have collapsed from the weight of the water. Sound like a nightmare? This nightmare is a reality for many property owners in Phoenix and all over the United States

Water damage is one of the most commonly filed insurance claims. It can happen anywhere there is plumbing and at anytime. The scenario painted above typically happens from a water supply line that bursts inside a wall cavity. It can also happen when a fitting to a toilet tank, or a dishwasher, or washing machine breaks. Plumbing failures can leak large amounts of water in just a short amount of time.

Knowing how to prevent these leaks from happening, to the best of your ability, can save you headaches and literally thousands of dollars in restoration costs. It is just as important to know who to call if the unexpected like the scenario above happens. We’ve been serving the residents and property owners of Phoenix for many years. Our restoration professionals are trained and certified to restore properties damaged by water back to their pre-loss condition.

24 HOUR Water Damage Restoration Phoenix, AZ

Response time is one of the most critical factors when a pipe breaks inside of a property. This applies to both the occupant as well as the Water Damage Restoration Company called to mitigate and restore the damages. The longer structural materials are permitted to stay wet, the less likely those materials can be restored. Mold growth is also likely to grow if structural materials are left wet.

Removing as much water as possible from flooring materials is generally the first step in the drying process. Extracting water thoroughly enough from the start will facilitate the dry times needed to prevent mold and bacteria growth. That kind of water extraction takes professional grade water removal equipment. Our water cleanup crews on standby in Phoenix have the extraction tools needed to remove any amount of water, from any type of flooring material. They also carry machines that can pump large amounts of water out of flooded basements.

After Water Extraction Further Drying is Needed

After water extraction is complete, affected materials will still be wet and will need to be dried further. We have special moisture detection tools that will let us know what is wet and how wet it is. One of best tools of the trade for this is an infra-red camera. This helps our water damage repair technicians locate hidden pockets of moisture quickly. The thermal images are also used for documenting the drying progress

By knowing what is wet our drying specialists will know exactly what needs to be dried. By knowing what needs to be dried, our structural drying expert(s) will know exactly what equipment to use. Equipment used to dry wet building materials usually consists of air movers and dehumidifiers. These machines are designed to increase the rate of evaporation. Typical time needed to dry a water damaged property is 2-4 days.

Water Damage Repair Phoenix

Most clean water losses can be dried and restored with little to no secondary damage. If the leak was from whats considered a non clean source, removal of materials are recommended. A sewer back up is a prime example of a non clean source that would require removing affected carpet, padding, baseboards, and drywall instead of drying those materials in place. Actual flooding is defined as water on the outside of the property that makes its way inside. A rising river that invades a property is an example of flood water damage. Flood cleanup is a technical task that requires the expertise of a professional and will always require removing structural materials as opposed to drying them in place.

Calling a Professional Water Damage Repair Company is Smart!

Whatever your water damage repair needs may be, our water cleanup crews servicing Phoenix, AZ have you covered. Fast action on your part and that of our Water Restoration Company will make all the difference in the world when restoring your water damaged property. If you need assistance with a water damage situation, call our restoration professionals today.