Water Damage in Phoenix from Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes Cause Water Damage in Phoenix, AZ

Although primarily a hot climate, in the winter months, freezing temperatures occasionally grace Phoenix. Consequently, when temps reach this freezing point, properties are at risk for water damage. Why does water in a pipe freeze and how can you prevent a pipe burst and the water damage it causes? Let’s take a closer look. Burst in a Frozen Pipe

Pipes first need freezing temperatures to freeze. Be on the lookout for temps at or below 32º. Because weather gets forecasted out enough to give us time to prepare, there are steps you can take to prevent water damage from happening. But water damage isn’t the only major problem. Having frozen pipes can also restrict or completely block water from flowing and no running water poses multiple issues. The blockage is also what causes a pipe to burst. Pressure builds up between the water supply and the blockage (frozen water inside the pipe) causing the pipe to expand then eventually burst.

So freezing temps are coming, now what? Pipes most at risk for freezing are those with the most exposure. These would be pipes in basements, attics, and outside. Pipes in exterior walls are also at risk. Once you’ve identified the “at risk” pipes, you have to think, “How can I keep them warm?”

Keeping pipes warm enough to prevent freezing

Water in a pipe freezes because there’s a lack of insulating factors surrounding it. Short of having your pipes professionally insulated, there are a few things you can do yourself. Exterior pipes such as hose spigots can be wrapped with a thick blanket, as well as an exposed interior pipe. This is just one quick and easy method of prevention. Frozen pipe prevention, identification and action

But what about the pipes that aren’t exposed, and those you can’t reach, such as pipes inside exterior wall cavities? One method that works well and will also keep pressure from building up is to open the faucet(s), both cold and hot. But not fully open. We’re talking just a slow slow drip. This typically keeps water flowing enough and warm enough to prevent freeze. Keeping the space inside warmer helps too. Leaving sink cabinet doors open helps too. For additional and more detailed information on this part of the equation, check out this article on frozen pipes.

Unfortunately the frozen pipe burst… Now what?

In the unfortunate event a frozen pipe burst causing water damage, we are available 24/7 to help you clean up the mess. We’ve helped many Phoenix property owners with water damage caused by frozen pipes. Preventing further damage and repair cost hinges on response time. Calling a water damage company out immediately can literally save you thousands in repair costs.

You may have insurance coverage for your water damage

Property owners insurance may be available to cover your costs. However, find out if you have coverage BEFORE faced with water damage.

If you have coverage, we will work with your adjuster and help you through the entire process. We’ll even bill your insurance company direct for our services. What’s more, we accept all insurance. We’ve been serving Phoenix and it’s surrounding cities for many years and have built great relationships with many adjusters in the area.