Water Damage Restoration Company Chandler, AZ

Water Damage Restoration Chandler, AZ

If you have a home or business with water damage, and need water extraction or drying services, you have come to the right place. Because time is your enemy, wherever there is wet drywall, carpet or carpet padding, immediate response is critical. Our water clean up crews who service the Chandler area understand exactly what it takes to handle these delicate disasters. Our response is immediate and our on-site time for water restoration services is 60 min or less (most cases).

What do Water Restoration Companies in Chandler do?

Water restoration companies in Chandler offer 24 hour emergency water removal and structural drying services. The purpose of these services are to PREVENT mold and bacteria growth as well as to mitigate the need for structural repairs. Any building with active plumbing is a candidate for water damage. Sudden bursts of a water supply line or a sewer backup are two of the most common leaks that occur in a residential or commercial building. Interestingly, most water damage occurrences are accidental. However, some are intentional. Whatever the case, each situation has the potential to become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria if not restored and cleaned up correctly. This is exactly what water damage restoration companies in Chandler do… We restore these types of damages.

What to Expect From our Water Restoration Company

Immediately following the initial call (assuming our services were requested), our water extraction crew will be on site within one hour or less ready to work. Once on site, the first thing our certified techs will address are any safety hazards. After a safety inspection, the technician will then begin securing contents and personal belongings in the order of priority. After securing contents from further damage, our extraction crew will begin removing standing water from flooring materials such as carpet and tile. After a thorough water extraction, a moisture content evaluation will be conducted to measure the amount water saturation in the affected areas. This inspection lets our technicians know what drying protocol to apply. Our main goal is to make certain the structure returns to its pre-loss condition. Special moisture monitoring equipment is used each day to check the progress of drying. This helps to ensure a complete drying of all affected materials. Once wet building materials return to their dry standard, drying considered complete.

Water Extraction, Air Movement, Dehumidification & Temperature Control

Proper water extraction, plenty of air movement, adequate dehumidification, and temperature control are the basics of a water damage repair project. One must have the proper drying equipment and understanding of building envelopes, and how they relate to psychrometrics and evaporation to engage in structural drying services.

Think the Water Leak Wasn’t that Bad?

It only takes a few moments for full saturation to set in and a few days for mold to grow (under the right conditions) if the wet materials are allowed to dry on their own. With out the proper equipment it’d be very difficult to measure the amount of moisture in the material just by looking or feeling. Most small water leaks IF taken care of professionally, will cost much less than what it would cost to clean up the same area if that area grew mold. Mold removal can be avoided with proper mitigation. Our company offers the most thorough moisture inspection in the industry and can give you a price quote on any needed repairs upfront before services began. Call today to schedule an evaluation. The piece of mind gained knowing mold is not an option is priceless!