Black Mold Removal Company in Gilbert Arizona

Black Mold Removal Experts in Gilbert Arizona

There are thousands of species of mold. Mold removal companies in Arizona remove all kinds of mold; not just “black mold”. Protocol is exactly the same no matter the “type of mold”. Mold is a natural part of most indoor environments. As such, removing ALL mold is not the goal. Surprised? The actual goal of mold remediation is to return the indoor environment to a “normal fungal ecology”. Say what? Basically, that means we’ll remove all excess growth (mold colony) from structural surfaces. Not only that, we make sure the spore levels in the air are similar to the outdoors. Additionally, we do this work in a manner which prevents exposure and cross-contamination.Water Removal Company Phoenix AZ

“Negative Hype” and Black Mold Removal

There’s a lot of “negative hype” surrounding the mold removal industry. Furthermore, there’s a fair share of poor information out there. However, we find joy in teaching clients about mold removal. When you call our office, you’ll speak to a mold expert who’ll help you navigate the hype. We’ll never inflate a situation. Likewise, industry standards are what they are and we stick to them.

Small, Medium, and Large Mold Damage Projects

Medium and large mold removal projects, have small margin for error. A medium project is be 10-100 square feet of mold damage. Large projects are anything over 100 square feet of mold damage. The EPA has said anything less than 10 square feet may be a “DIY” job. Though true in most cases, it’s always smart to speak with a pro prior to removing mold yourself.

Two main concerns when cleaning up mold are exposure and cross-contamination. Exposure is the cause of mold related health issues. Consequently, without proper gear, risk of exposure is high. Risk of exposure will also increase when mold is spread outside the workspace. Preventing exposure is what the experts do best. We are mold removal experts. What’s more, we’ve successfully completed hundreds of mold jobs in Gilbert. Give us a call for a free phone consultation.

Removing Mold Yourself

If you set out to remove mold yourself, you’ll want to have a few things at your disposal. First, a HEPA vacuum. Second, an air scrubber. Third, plastic sheeting (4mil minimum). Fourth, demo tools. And lastly, contractor grade trash bags. For information on how to cleanup mold you can purchase the IICRC S520. These are industry accepted and ANSI approved standards for mold removal.

Whichever route you decide to take, we are here to help. Additionally, if you’d like an onsite assessment we’d be happy to provide one. Call today.