Mold Removal Companies in Phoenix Arizona

Mold Removal Companies in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix mold removal companies are pretty much a dime a dozen. However, this can cause problems when deciding who to hire. Why? Every industry has its fair share of crooks. Consequently, the mold removal industry is no exception. Incidentally, there are honest companies without proper insurance and not even know it. Pollution liability is the proper insurance to have. The state of Arizona also requires a mold remediation company to have a contractor license. We have both. Furthermore, our technicians are highly trained and able to remediated most mold issues. We can removal mold from both residential and commercial structures.Mold Removal Companies in Phoenix Arizona

What’s more, we can rebuild things following the remediation clearance. With us you get a full service. This makes it more convenient and less of a hassle. Either way, we want you to have the best experience possible. If you already have a contractor for the rebuild, you’re more than welcome to use them. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality service in the least burdensome way. Specifically, in both workmanship and financially. Following are three things to consider before hiring a mold removal company in Phoenix.

    1. Make sure they are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. If they are, they will have proof to show. You can verify license and bond info here.

    2. Experience/Certification. Anyone can remove moldy materials. However, to remove moldy materials without exposure or contaminating areas outside the workspace is a different story. We have all the proper tools, equipment, and experience to prevent such occurrences.

    3. References. Any mold removal company in Phoenix worth hiring will have references to show. Just ask and we’ll be glad to provide some.

Hire a Professional Mold Removal Company in Phoenix

If you have a mold issue or even suspect a mold issue, call us for a free phone consultation. When you call, you’ll actually speak with a mold expert. Pick up the phone and give us a shout today.