24 Hour Water Damage Repair Company Mesa AZ

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Company in Mesa

All water damage restoration companies in Mesa, AZ are not created equally. To restore a damaged property to its pre-loss condition takes a professional skillset most contractors lack. At Arizona Disaster Service, we have ALL that’s required to handle any structural disaster you’re faced with.

Many homes and businesses in Mesa Arizona are damaged by water due to broken water supply lines or other faulty plumbing. It’s these types of leaks that cause the need for water restoration services. If left unattended a small leak will cause major damage. Subsequently, the resulting damage is often mold growth. Once mold growth sets in, structural drying is no longer an option. At this point, mold remediation is the protocol. During mold remediation however, some drying may be needed to complete the project, but, drying is done under containment.

24 Hour Water Extraction Service in Mesa

So lets assume you’ve called us out to your water loss. What can you expect? Water extraction, or the process of removing water from flooring materials, is typically the first step of the restoration process. We have specialized water removal tools and equipment that can evacuate large amounts of water at a fast rate. Typical extraction tools include Traditional Carpet Wands, Weight Assisted Wands, Electric Powered Weight Assisted Extraction Machines, portable water extractors, and the ever mighty truck-mounted extraction vacuum.

A restoration company in the water extraction business cannot fully work without at least a high-powered vacuum and wand. It is imperative that the water be as thoroughly extracted as possible to make sure a fast and efficient drying process is achieved. If you have a flooded property due to a broken pipe or overflow, and need water extraction services, call us now for an immediate response!

24 Hour Water Damage Repair Experts

Water damage repair in Mesa, AZ is a common service needed. This is mainly because the majority of homes and businesses in Plano have some type of plumbing in them. Plumbing malfunctions, such as burst pipes, are among the most common ways a home or business becomes flooded. If these plumbing leaks go unnoticed or get ignored, the cost to repair can increase significantly. In order to keep the cost of water damage repairs down, a professional should assess the damage right away.

Time is a critical factor when dealing with a water damaged property. Wet carpet and drywall can begin to grow mold and bacteria within 24 hours of the water leak. In just 48-72 hours mold can begin to colonize, causing the need to remove and replace what could have been dried and restored. Our goal is to restore water damaged structures by applying industry standards and not to use demolition as the first option. This approach saves our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair costs.

If you or someone you know has experienced a plumbing leak or had a flood caused by an act of nature, call now. Our water damage repair experts in Mesa are standing by ready to help.

24 hour Water Cleanup Company

Because water leaks can happen at anytime, Our water cleanup crews serving Mesa, AZ are on call 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. 24 hour water cleanup is a standard service offered by our Company. Night and day, we work round the clock and at a moments notice. There is comfort knowing that no matter what time it is or what day of the week, that if you are in need of water cleanup services, our professional water cleanup crews can be at your Mesa home or business in 60 minutes or less (most cases). This 24 hour services is what makes all the difference when a leak happens unexpectedly. Let one of our expert water restoration crews help you cleanup your damage and get your life back to normal quickly.