Water Damage Restoration Company in Gilbert

Water damage is something most property owners never expect to happen. However, when it does happen, it takes only a few moments for a small leak to turn a home into a flood damage nightmare. Within minutes, full saturation can occur and within hours major structural damage (if a large amount of water) will be the end result. This is why response time is so crucial.

No matter the time of day or day of week, our water damage restoration techs who service the Gilbert, AZ area are ready to start the restoration process immediately. This restorative process begins with a safety inspection. After the safety inspection, contents that were directly affected by the water leak get secured in order of priority. Following the securing of contents, our water damage technicians will begin the water extraction process. We utilize high-powered water removal equipment specifically built to remove large amounts of water at a fast rate. These water extraction machines in most cases are truck-mounted with tanks that hold roughly 100 gallons of water. This makes the water removal process fast and effective.

After the water removal

Once all standing water is thoroughly extracted from structural materials like carpet and carpet padding, the structure will then be prepped for drying equipment. This equipment dries the rest of the wet building materials. Structural prep can involve anything from removing carpet to blocking up furniture off of wet flooring. Industry standards will dictate what protocol to follow based on each specific water damage loss. By calling us out, you will get the fast and professional attention your water loss requires. Proper drying prevents excess mold growth. A proper dry-out also saves you from secondary structural damage and the costs associated with it.

Drying wet carpet

Without the correct training, drying and water removal equipment, drying wet carpet flooded by any type of water source, let alone a sewage back up, will be challenging to say the least. Drying non-contaminated wet carpet is a fairly easy task. Carpet padding is a little more difficult to dry, but still fairly simple. The key to drying these types of materials is to first conduct a thorough extraction.

Carpets wet with flood water from rising rivers, streams, and oceans, or sewage backups are not salvageable by industry standards and fall under category 3 classification of water damage. Under category 2 conditions, carpets are typically considered for drying but the carpet padding is generally recommended for removal. Fully saturated carpets after a thorough extraction typically dry within 24-48 hours.

Antimicrobial and biocide products are generally used to treat wet carpets during and/or after drying is complete. We specialize in this type of drying service. Minutes make all the difference when wet building materials are present. The average “dry-time” for a water restoration project is 2-4 days. In difficult (or specialty) situations, drying sometimes takes between 4-6 days to complete. We monitor the progress and record environmental conditions each day to make certain wet materials do not produce mold growth. If drying conditions are right, microbial activity is inhibited. If mold is a concern at the completion of a drying scenario, mold testing by a third part is an option worth looking into.